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BuzzBack Hive – A More Meaningful Way To Connect

BuzzBack Hive is a new, online social forum that lets you connect and interact with consumers through shared experiences via short-term communities. Ideal for consumer deep dives, exploration, concept building and co-creation. BuzzBack Hive is designed to foster iterative collaboration through:

  • Blogs
  • Idea building
  • Photo sharing
  • Time-phased exercises
  • Short polls
  • Mobile exercises

And only BuzzBack Hive integrates our award-winning tools such as eCollage™ and Concept Focus into a fun, creative, socially-collaborative environment. To see how BuzzBack Hive better connects with consumers to solve brand challenges, ask for our free case study.

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About our case study:

BuzzBack implemented a 2-week Hive session to explore the relationship between pet owners and their beloved pets. Through this complimentary case study, you’ll learn

  • How consumers interact with pets and what drives behavior
  • How creative projective techniques like photo sharing enables Hive members to richly convey their pets’ personalities
  • Actionable insights to the role pets play in family life and how that translates to consumer behavior via eCollage™ expressions

You’ll gain a better understanding of how to better leverage the insights Hive can reveal and translate them to product development and positioning initiatives.

Connect + Connect Again

Understand more about consumer behavior in a unique, moderated social environment with multiple interactions

Collaborate + Co-Create

Develop better concepts as consumers share experiences and iterate ideas over time

Engage + Understand

Uncover hidden emotions and unarticulated feelings with BuzzBack’s innovative visual and projective techniques

BuzzBack Hive

Meaningful Connections. Iterative Interactions.
Deeper Insights in Action.