Do You Know Who’s Who?

We might be well known for our ‘cool’ online research tools, but it’s really the people hard at work behind the tools that deserve all the credit. At BuzzBack, it’s all about the team.

That’s why we’re extremely thrilled that our very own Liz White has been featured in the June issue of SURVEY Magazine’s Who’s Who 2014 Focus Group Moderators. Liz is one of only 12 qualitative researchers profiled and we are very proud of her.

“She is smart and articulate, able to explain complicated concepts in simple terms and change direction on the fly to get beyond top of mind feedback. Liz also is always on top of what’s new in the industry regularly attending qualitative seminars like RIVA and qualitative conferences and events.”

The issue highlights moderators from the past year who have shown unique moderating skills, who are innovators of Focus Group Research and also experts that guide today’s focus group moderating. Click the image below to find out who else made the list of top moderators.

Who's Who 2014 Focus Group Moderators