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How Empathy Can Make You a Better Researcher

Claire Kuhn, Healthcare Research Analyst

A Personal Journey: How Living with Mental Illness Made Me a Better Researcher “Living with mental illness and being a healthcare researcher, I often find my patient-self and researcher-self in conflict. This empathy has made me a more intuitive researcher as I tap into those two contradictory aspects of my identity.”  - Claire Kuhn Through a new case study: Millennials + Mental Illness, you'll learn:
  • how you can use empathy when trying to gain understanding
  • how unique and engaging techniques make consumers feel more comfortable opening up
  • what consumers are really thinking
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Previous Webinars:

March 12, 2018

Developing Clean Claims: Journey from Exploration to Activation

Join us for the second webinar in our Clean Label series — a journey from exploration to activation of Clean Claims.

  • First, we’ll identify imagery, verbal and visual cues signaling Clean Label, followed by how to create language and compelling claims.
  • Then, we’ll reveal top Clean Label claims in 2 case studies using ZappiStore and our new Swipe technology.

From cues to claims driving purchase, join now to begin your Clean Label journey.

February 22, 2018

A Comprehensive Approach to Concept Screening, Optimization, Benchmarking & Forecasting

Budgets leaner? Need to move more quickly but don’t want to compromise? Developing concepts is an iterative process, often with multiple rounds of feedback and validation. You need to get at winning concepts faster and smarter, with flexibility and without sacrificing depth.

Through a new case study, you’ll learn how to:

  • Screen and optimize multiple concepts quickly and affordably
  • Predict concept potential based on benchmark comparisons
  • Gain insight into what works and doesn’t so you can better express ideas
  • Get results faster — Parallel and remove steps in the process
  • Blend qual & quant techniques for more comprehensive learning
November 21, 2017

10 Effective Techniques To Inspire Patients To Tell All

Ever get the feeling you’re not getting the whole story? For a deeper connection, plus new ways to understand patients as people, you need thoughtful and engaging conversations – even in online interactions.

Through our latest case study, you’ll get a glimpse of our newest engagement techniques for online storytelling to:

  • Understand patients as people
  • Gain insight into how their disease fits into their lives
  • Hear patients in their own voices – with quantitative data to back it up

Sign up for this new webinar to learn how you can attain a more nuanced understanding around attitudes & experiences, relationships with HCPs, and where patients seek out access & support – ultimately leading to a more profound impact on your communications strategy.

November 16, 2017

Clean Labels in a Transparent World

Today’s consumers demand more. They want transparency and authenticity from brands, resulting in a big push for ‘clean label’ and ‘natural’. From food, to household items, to personal care, shoppers want to know what’s in the product before it goes ‘in’, ‘on’ or ‘near’ them.

But do consumers understand what Clean Label means? How does it impact their decision making? What does it look like through their eyes? Our latest webinar uncovers:

  • how familiar consumers are with the term “Clean Label” and what it means to them
  • the cues signaling Clean label – colors, imagery, verbal
  • its importance across different categories (with a deep dive into Food & Personal Care)
  • the products and brands they associate with Clean Label and why
  • differences between natural and clean
  • the impact of Clean Label on purchase across different categories

We will also share consumer imagery, including real photos of products they consider Clean for a few different categories – giving you in-the-moment understanding that maps back to their personal beliefs and values.

Want to learn what’s important when it comes to this hot topic? Get in touch with us below and we can schedule an in-person or over the phone presentation for you or your team.