A [Very] High 5!

They say runners get a natural high, but it gets even higher when you have a team of them with you 5 years in a row.

Yesterday, September 9th our Team BuzzBack of 13 participated for the 5th year in a row in the Annual Komen Race for the Cure in Central Park. A bit rainy and dreary this year, but that did not dampen our spirits one bit– all smiles and enthusiasm as we stood beside our client teams such as Pepsi and Pfizer, to walk on behalf of a breast cancer cure. I’m proud to say while we don’t have their size in absolute numbers, we do have more than a third of our NY office participating. Pretty amazing.

We started 5 years ago in support of one of our teammates suffering from Breast Cancer, and now we support a second person on our team in her journey against cancer. Side by side we walk and ran in the rain. Others designed and ordered our shirts. We sent her dinners when she was going through chemo to make it easy on her family.

Just one ounce of the spirit of engagement at BuzzBack. It’s what we bring to work each day, what we share with our clients, and how we work with our partners. It’s why we’ve been named one of the 100 Best Places to Work by Crain’s not one – but two years in a row. And we’re up as finalists for the WiRE Best Places to Work award this year, too.

I am so proud of this team, it’s a personal high. High 5’s all around.


Run. Walk. Race. Repeat.

Komen year 4 – today our BuzzBack Gives Back program sauntered to Central Park for the Annual Komen Race. We were there to support an important cause but also to support each other. One of us wears a pink number, and we are proud to run with her. That’s just one reason we join together. That’s what teams do.

To build a business you need to build a team – and when you build a team like ours, the passion, focus and commitment is on fire. It fuels growth and contagious energy clients want to experience.

Our team (shown) might have been dwarfed in size by our clients’ walking/running side by side with us today – Team Pepsi and Team Pfizer to name a few- but definitely not our spirit. It’s loud and evidenced by the work we do every day in key innovation initiatives for them. And it’s super obvious in our dynamic culture.

And when you really do it well the team takes over. They organize the effort, design great research, and exceed client expectations. Every day. My mentors told me that would happen – build a great team, an award-winning culture, and your business will really grow. They were spot on.

And then it all becomes just a walk (or run) in the park.

BuzzBack Gives Back

Millennials & Women Are Redefining Leadership

When it comes to the workplace, turns out female and millennial employees want the same thing. According to a study covered in Fortune magazine, both of these employee types seek a healthy work/life blend, a sense of meaning from their work, and transparency. Who knew when I started BuzzBack that these would emerge as defining principles of our own company culture. And, it then comes as no surprise, that our company is 60% women and 40% millennial. This has turned out to be a differentiating strength for us as we study brands – women and millennials are often the target consumers our clients are most interested in.

Another aspect of the study however surprised me. When asked, only a third of both women and millennial responders aspired to the C-suite. The study sponsors, Saba (a talent management firm) and workplacetrends.com, think that this may be due to lack of role models at the top rungs of the corporate ladder. But they also point to a shift in the definition of leadership to one where making an impact at one’s company and developing into a recognized expert and influencer is more important. I’m hoping at BuzzBack we can offer both definitions of leadership – the traditional title-based one, and one where personal and professional goals converge.

As a female business founder, CEO, mentor and mother (of twin college-bound Gen Zers, boy and girl),  I am constantly thinking about what work will look like in the future, and how BuzzBack needs to adapt to continue attracting the brightest talent. I’ll be speaking on female leadership and entrepreneurship at a professional networking event in Philadelphia next week. I’m looking forward to hearing how other business owners and managers are creating workplaces that nurture the next generation of leaders. After all, our futures depend on them.


More Companies Are Adopting The Agile Workforce & Here’s Why

This past week we moved our NY HQ a few blocks south. During the transition, many of our employees had to work at home while we transferred systems, servers and files. But we didn’t skip a beat – that’s because our BuzzBack team can work pretty much anywhere. Given we’re in a 24/7 business, it has always been this way in order to be responsive to our clients! We were early adopters of the flex office – a trend that many believe will be a hallmark of the future of work.

Our client Unilever describes it as Agile Working. The Unilever House headquarters in London is one of their Agile Workspaces.

Here’s how they explain why they’ve adopted this trend: “This new way of working measures performance on results, not time and attendance, and reinforces diversity by helping people – particularly women – balance their personal and professional lives.”

I visited there last week. The office space can only accommodate 60% of the workforce. That means Unilever employees need to work anywhere, anytime. And if they’re not traveling for business, they often work from home. Location has been taken out of the work equation. It doesn’t matter, because work is about performance, not place. Embracing this notion takes some adjustment, but having experienced it ourselves, it actually frees us up to collaborate and think differently. For Unilever, it allows them to operate globally, across some of the biggest global brands, such as Knorr and Dove. While BuzzBack’s not quite of that scale, having an agile workforce empowers our team to focus on creation, not location.

Making a Difference

I like to think some of the things I do ultimately make a difference. Changing things for the better drives me and was the inspiration behind founding BuzzBack to innovate market insights. But I also wanted to create a company culture that continually seeks to make a difference beyond the industry. This founding and defining characteristic has been a magnet for like-minded people – particularly millennials who are especially purpose driven. This quest contributes to our strong sense of tribal pride and shared vision.

That’s why days like yesterday are so personally meaningful.

Participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Central Park, we came together to make a difference while representing our core value of Teamwork outside our NYC office walls. I’m pleased to share that our own small group of racers exceeded our fundraising goal. We were surrounded by many of our clients: Pepsi sponsored the event and Pfizer was there with a team of their own.

It didn’t matter if we won. That wasn’t the point – making that all-important difference was. We were excited to be together, enjoy the day and support a worthy cause. I didn’t have to tell anyone to participate. They came because it was the right thing to do. I couldn’t have been more proud of the group that represented the brand we’re building together. I thought to myself, “This is who we are.” Compelled to make a difference. It’s as plain and simple as that.