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Do you know how to connect emotionally to your consumer? You may know what she buys, but do you know what motivates her? What drives purchase?

Grasping unarticulated needs is a challenge for most marketers. Traditional online research reveals the literal and functional needs that prompt purchase, but often not the emotional and unarticulated needs that really drive consumer behavior.

This webinar explores behaviors and attitudes with traditional quantitative techniques combined with our award-winning online projective and enabling techniques — such as eCollage. You’ll learn how to uncover the underlying motivations of your consumers, enabling you to:

  • Better profile your target consumer
  • Recognise attitudes and emotions that drive behaviour
  • Discover consumers’ perceptions of your brand
  • Understand the space your brand occupies in their lives
  • Identify language consumers use to express their feelings and needs
  • Uncover white space for product development


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