WEBINAR New Ways to Revamp Your Packaging Research


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On today’s crowded shelf, your packaging needs to really stand out. Shoppers only take a few seconds to decide which product to purchase, so designing the right packaging for your brand is key. BuzzBack’s approach to packaging research helps you determine whether your packaging is delivering on key objectives.

In this webinar, you will learn new techniques for pack refinement and optimization. Through a real case study, we’ll demonstrate how you can integrate online qualitative techniques with scores and quantitative metrics to understand:

  • Whether your pack breaks through
  • Which elements are working and which aren’t
  • What your package communicates and why
  • Whether your packaging is driving purchase and why


For over 10 years, we have conducted hundreds of global packaging studies for today’s top consumer and pharmaceutical companies. And many of the packages we’ve tested are products already in market today.


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