WEBINAR Unpacking the Meaning of VALUE


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Establishing Value in the mind of your customer is one of the most important factors when marketing your product or service. There are many facets to the word Value, and understanding how your customer perceives Value is critical. Does it mean affordable? Quality? Price?

In this webinar, we invite you to understand what Value means to consumers in 3 countries – US, UK and China. We’ll look at verbal, visual and emotional associations with Value – to help you understand:

• What Value means when buying a product or service
• Imagery, visual cues, and personal emotions linked to Value
• Attributes that determine if a product or service is a good value
• Changes in perceptions of Value in the past 2 years
• Brands associated with Value in different product/service categories


Even if your communications plans and positioning don’t involve Value, you will learn new techniques to mining and distilling consumer language, critical in brand positioning and development.


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