WEBINAR Not Just Skin-Deep: Consumer Insights on Healthy Skin


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Learn how consumers in the US, UK, China, Russia, Brazil and Germany define and express Healthy – verbally, visually and emotionally. Our global Healthy study includes a range of general behavior and attitudinal findings, along with visual and emotional insights delivered via our unique and award-winning projective and enabling techniques such as eCollage, Blobs and Thought Bubble.

In this webinar, we uncover emotions and subconscious feelings associated with Healthy Skin. You’ll learn how consumers:

  • Express what healthy means to them visually and emotionally
  • Define healthy skin and how they choose healthy products
  • Describe and talk about their own skin and healthy aspirations
  • Achieve healthy skin – their motivations, their process and their goals
  • Assess skincare brands when it comes to being healthy


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