WEBINAR The Search for Meaning in Fuzzy Data


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Traditionally, online research has been purely quantitative and focused primarily on numeric data. While qualitative research highlights thematic and sub-conscious learning, sometimes it can result in fuzzier findings or unstructured data. However, as qualitative and projective techniques are used online with more robust sample sizes, new ways to analyze the data emerge. Sometimes you get surprising results.

For nearly 10 years, BuzzBack has been pioneering innovative online qualitative techniques, developing award-winning ways to collect and analyze online qualitative data. Our techniques, including eCollage™ and Verbatim Viewer™, have been recognized by today’s leading research organizations.

This webinar will highlight new ways you can analyze unstructured data – even applying traditionally quantitative approaches. You’ll learn:
•    What factor analysis is and how it’s traditionally used
•    How factor analysis can be applied to qualitative findings
•    Ways color analysis can be applied to online collaging


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