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Introducing BuzzBack Hive, a new, online social forum that enables you to connect with consumers to solve brand challenges via shared experiences within short-term communities. In this 20 minute webinar you will learn how we used BuzzBack Hive to explore study participants’ relationships with their pets, gaining insight into:

  • A NEW technique for online qualitative learning
  • How consumers interact with their pets and what drives behavior
  • How projective techniques enable consumers to richly convey pets’ personalities
  • The role pets play in family life and how that translates to creating effective marketing communications
  • New product opportunities revealed via consumer ideation

This new qualitative study explores the “pets as people” trend by gathering rich insights and delving more deeply into the attitudes, behaviors and emotions of pet owners.

BuzzBack Hive is the only online forum that fully integrates BuzzBack’s award-winning toolset to help you maximize insights for product development and positioning initiatives. You’ll see why Hive is ideal for consumer deep dives, discovery, idea building and co-creation.


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